Sisters Housing Enterprises Inc. is the lead agency for the Domestic & Family Violence Intervention Service (DAFVIS). They offer coordinated support to victims of domestic and family violence offences as they go through the court process.


DAFVIS helps all people who are victims of domestic and family violence who are in contact with the criminal justice system.


DAFVIS will provide and coordinate case management which actively involves the client and;

• Provides support, advocacy and referral for clients

• Assists the client to develop short and long term goals

• Negotiates and liaises with relevant helping agencies

• Assists clients and their children to maintain their safety and security by developing safety plans and;

• Ensures that victims and their children are appropriately involved through the entire criminal process


After a domestic violence incident, the Police refer information to DAFVIS and they will make contact with the victim within 24 hours of referral or on the first business day after the incident.


DAFVIS is funded through the NSW Attorney Generalʼs Department.


Contact details:

Ph: (02) 6921 9499

Mobile: 0437 138 296 Fax: (02) 6921 6104